Cover with Bleed

My Book Is Out!

Fiona Gilligan was looking for someone to write her story. The lines of women who approached her at the business forums where she presented her talks about building an industry leading company told her that women were eager to hear more stories of female founders. I was looking for a project. After researching and writing several spec scripts for TV series, I was eager to start on something new and for the past few years had been thinking of writing a book.

So, at Starbucks one day, the women struck a deal. I would write Fiona’s story, but only if she let me determine the style and only if we both promised that this would not be a stuffy boring business book. It would be written almost like a movie script, full of personal stories, anecdotes and the business part would be snappy and pulled from Fiona’s grassroots experience of building a company from scratch.

So began the journey that took the us from weekends huddled in downtown hotels sharpies and flip charts and reams of paper filling the rooms, to late nights every week day after the children went to bed, to Asheville, North Carolina where we spent a week writing the final chapters on the patio of the Grove Park Inn overlooking the Blue Ridge Mountains then back to Ottawa to polish up the final manuscript this fall.

Packed full of hilarious and inspiring stories, this book is both a personal memoir of one girls journey to entrepreneurship, and a snappy business how-to manual for those considering going into business. You can find the book, “Confessions of a GirlPreneur: life, love, business, and babies” at your nearest

Now some gossip for you. During this very intense process of creating a book, were there any stylistic disagreements? Any arguments about tone or choice of words. Of course there were! But that only proved to us that we were passionate about the project, connected to the work, and endowed with strong opinionated personalities. What I learned about Fiona is that not only is she a sharp wordsmith but she is also a master salad maker. What Fiona learned about me is that I have an uncanny ability to figure out people’s motivations and can find the humorous angle in most situations.

Are we gonna write another book? You never know! Fiona swears not, but I am already on the trail of another writing project.

Thanks for reading and please get in touch with us if you would like to give us your thoughts on the book. We’d love to hear from you. To learn more about Fiona, go to and to learn more about Kendall go to