Hi Folks,

Hope everyone is doing well out there. We’ve been gathering readers on this blog and we’re happy to report that about 150 readers now tune in per posting, which isn’t too shabby. Lovin’ all the feedback we’re getting, all the emails. There’s nothing like connecting with readers out there in the States, Canada and France. Just wanted to sing those praises and say thanks!

So since last week, what has been happening in Paris? First, we’re all pretty well coiffed here which isn’t always the case. The eldest took the reins and walked into a Paris salon and got a new do. She came home with a blunt cut above her shoulders, a very geek-tech-feminist-mod style, like she intended. We were all impressed as were her aunties and grand-nana back home. Andrew got his first decent haircut in 10 years. In Canada, they had wanted to make a military man out of him, which, if you know him, just doesn’t work. Here, they seemed to recognize his inner Beatle and left some hair on his head. Of us all, the dog got the best deal. Her lamby wool curls shorn down, she’s now a a sleek white velvet dog. Elvis would have loved her. When I picked her up from “Bella”salon, 3 other small white dogs were gathered waiting their turn for the doggie styling table. Small white fluffy dogs are IN, in case you were wondering. Dogs that match white Stan Smith leather sneakers that every woman in Paris wears with her skinny jeans, dress suits or dresses. (Fashion tip alert!)

My stylist, for some reason, took it into her head that I’d make a great Abba singer because she blonded me to a new degree of Swedish blonde. Yesterday, I DID dance to Dancing Queen… Meanwhile, our 10 year old just shrugged her shoulders as if to say, why would I go to the salon when I have long flowing golden locks, then walked off to rehearse her lines for the Alice in Wonderland play.

Last Friday, a friend and I took out two Paris bikes called Velib’s that you can rent at any station and return whenever you want. It’s a large scale public bicycling system that works really well. Look for a future post on this great way to get around the city. But on Friday, we started out at the Luxembourg garden, wound around the 5th, went down the steep slope of rue du Cardinal Lemoine then crossed the Pont de la Tournelle, both of us siting it as our favorite view of Paris because it looks onto the back of Notre Dame and those flying buttresses and all the ivy and clinging greenery and then we biked around the 3rd. But the important thing was where we ended up. The Marche des enfants-rouges, the oldest covered market in Paris. There is a marvelous selection of stalls: Turkish tagines, hamburgers and fries, organic salads, African. Japanese. We had creole while sitting along the crowded colorful stalls, spices in the air. (Highly recommend this spot. Will write a future post on the Marches of Paris.)

Saturday morning, we trained out to Burgundy for the last long May weekend. Vezelay, Noyers, Flavigny (again). We stayed in a tiny village in a stone cottage and took walks up winding meadow paths to look over valleys and onto medieval villages atop hills in the distance and arrived home at 11pm Monday night totally enjoyably tired. The next day, our dog kept looking for a grassy spot to go on. Sorry, pal, back in the city. Pictures of Burgundy seen below. Note the abundance of flowers, stone and pie.

This week it’s been school council meetings, doctors appointments, and catching up on the administrative duties of the household. The girls have school exams coming up and school plays and all the end of the year presentations, so it will be a busy June. Friends arrive this weekend too. We’ll look forward to sharing more stories next week.



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