Back to school, Moms! Are you ready? I’m not. Well, I mean, of course, it’s time for the dear darlings to get back into the classroom as soon as possible. After all this long summer vacation, lolly-gagging around, they need hard chairs, stern rules and firm broccoli.

But even though the dear daughters are surely tired of my daily preaching and professing, and I’m tired of their daily bickering and complaining, I’ll still miss seeing them contented and curled up in their covers asleep at 10am still!! as I raise the shades and open the windows. I’ll miss the way they passionately wager, debate, and delay taking out the trash, walking the dog or any other chore I ask them to do. And wherever we are, the haphazard way our summer living spaces are strewn with blankets, clothes, books and craft supplies is a testament to their spunk and creativity.

Summer allows our loose-ends, our spontaneity, our fidgety -ness  to find favor. We taunt indecision and try new things. We swerve around politeness and gain new poise. It’s the best time of year to let it all run amok and splash in the mud.

But now it’s back to business. Time to hose off the sand and dirt, rinse the jelly jars, time to focus our attention toward new crisp accomplishments. Summer was fantastic, but let’s get down to business. Parisians have returned from holiday in full vigour. The hub is back working daring hours, the children are packing up their pencil cases and contemplating physics and French classes.

And this first week in, I’m definitely in need of a pedicure, my roots done, and some cafe dates with my Parisian girlfriends! Then I’ll be ready for those volunteer hours, activity runs, writing deadlines, and all the duties that keep the home life  going round.