Are you busy…? Yeah, me too. Have you just signed all the family up for catapulting or baguette-making classes, decided to join a 6am boot camp, volunteered to host a troop of Girls Scouts or a book club or maybe four book clubs because every member of the family needed a book club. Maybe you yourself joined three book groups  AND a dinner club…. and while you were there, why not throw in a set of medieval history tours at the Louvre. Life is short, let’s try to become better people and learn something.  

I was reviewing our lengthy commitment list as I was jogging in the Bois last Friday morning.  Lovely fall day. Big white puffy clouds in the blue sky, runners swiftly passing me, a pack of les pompiers or French fire-fighters congregated around their firetruck. (a benefit of running in the Bois de Boulogne is if you ever, say, trip over a pine-cone, packs of fire-fighters are there to rescue you) I rounded the north side of the lake and ran into someone I knew which doesn’t happen every day. That was fun. But this person, like many you see on the streets, was multi-tasking, jogging while on her phone, so we did that half-wave thing, mouthed, “Hi,” “see you soon” or something like that. 

For some reason, seeing my friend made the run seem shorter and I gained speed whereas usually I stop at the mid-point of the lake to walk a minute, but today I kept going. This western side of the lake looks oddly like South Carolina. There is a flat stretch where you see tall pines, the water of the lake and sky. Looking at the sky and trees and thinking of nothing until I got to the south end of the lake, I knew I had to keep the pace not only now, but into these next few months of a full-on rock and roll schedule. It was high performance mode for everyone. Classes, clubs, making communities and forging  connections.