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Our favorite thing to do is – to go somewhere and wander around. We’ll read about a village or an old abbey, something that catches our eye, and then we’ll go there without much of a plan, and see what we find. This is what we did today starting in Saumur with lemon sugar crepes then hiking through the stone villages of Montsoreau to Candes St. Martin then through the wind and green grasses to the valley of the Fountain of Evraud to the Abbaye de Fontevraud.

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We spent all day out in the countryside of the Loire Valley, hiked about 20 kilometers, kept going with chips and chocolate, then at dusk we rode back along the river, quiet, tired from the fresh air. Watching the light fade along the tufa cliffs, I imagined the dinner I would make from the bag of local lettuce, mushrooms, and cheese we had been lucky to get from a small village market that was still open.