Running this morning with a friend, we got to talking about New Years; she made the polite inquiry, asking if I’d listed any new resolutions. Resolutions? Ooph. I already had to kick myself out of the apartment twice weekly to go run this 5k, had to reign in an affection for chocolate, not to mention, slogging along the writers path. I shook my head, and said I tried to avoid anything that required my suddenly becoming a marathon runner or loving to spin wool. Though I appreciated those who resolved to switch up their lives in quests for better fitness, tidier homes, knitted socks, all that.

But I liked her answer to the same question. Three simple things. All about keeping in the moment, laughing more, giving attention to those around us.

When we were a slow agricultural society, our concept of time was linked to the natural rhythms of the earth. Days were light, nights were dark and you acknowledged time by witnessing the waxing and waning of the moon. Where the stars were in the sky told when to plant the fields, when or not to sail your boat. Each month began with the sighting of a new moon. You knew old sayings like, “when the Pleiades are rising, don’t go sailing.” The appearance of the star constellation, the Pleiades, meant that winter was coming!

The New Year calls our attention to the division of time that shapes our lives, orders our days. It gives us a chance to review the past and ponder the future, (while striving to be in the present!)

That magnificent tree in the photo above is a Cedar of Lebanon in the courtyard of the museum of arts in the town of Tours, France. I happened upon it the other day waiting for the train back to Paris. It was planted in 1804. Imagine all that passing of time.

Happy New Year, everyone!