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Paris in January, it gets dark around 5:30pm, so by about 7pm, you’d swear it’s time for bed. I’m sure you know what I mean – it’s cozy in the house, it’s pitch black outside, common sense says, “Stay in. You’re sleepy. It’s the right thing to do.” Only thing is…. two weeks ago you told so and so, you’d be at such and such…

Sound familiar? There is a pattern of social behavior common in winter when the future seems hazy and far away, the thing sounds fun, only to find when the time arrives, the weather sucks, you’ve got the bloats, and you’re now pissed with yourself for rallying so easily. But way back…

Three weeks ago, Monday or Tuesday morning, the sun was out, weak though it was, you’d finished a book club book or completed long pending negotiation with a business colleague, or secured the source on materials for a big project. Whatever it was, you were feeling good about it. So, what did you do, while you were still feeling lofty, warm and generous wanting to share the good times. You said yes to things, that’s what you did. So that invitation to hear your friends band?

The evening rolls around, it’s 8pm, you’re still in your sweats, avoiding the thought of sticking back on those skinny jeans, doing something with your hair, and getting the glam back on to traverse the grey misty city. What..!?!

This happened twice recently. I’d said I’d be there. So, I’m gonna be there.

Cafe Le Gymnase to hear my friend sing. I love hearing her sing, but there was a cold rain throwing down making the heart sink a little, but, I was supposed to meet up with an out of town friend, which I was T O T A L L Y excited about, though it was unclear when she’d get off from working a long movie production day. So it was one of those I’m fretting, but I’m excited too, kind of scenarios. Dreading the rain in my boots, and a bit tired but trying to be lively… What happened? Friends played beautiful music, we met some of their friends (even a French diplomat!) then we’re all chatting and laughing, then a group of 10 or so Scottish in full kilt regalia joined the tables next to us, kidding and cajoling ensued, my friend arrived to full tilt (kilt – ha!) fun. We closed the cafe down.

Again last week. I had to take the girls to two different arrondissements involving walking long windy rues on a Friday night before I hit the Pompidou to see an exhibit of a big-name modern artist. I dreaded it! But once there, up the modern tunnels to the 6th floor, we walked along the glass corridor overlooking the city (it’s one of the best views) then our guide lead us thru the bright white enormous rooms in front of the enormous canvases explaining the artists exploration of his culture thru mythology, his story unfolding… warm and fascinating.