We were going to the Alps on Saturday on a 6:45am train. So Friday we had to get it all done. Our Alps house had a No Chiens allowed (no matter how cute and fluffy) policy, so our dog, Skye, who almost always travels with us, couldn’t go! Yeah, poor thing, when she’d been sniffing around the suitcases Thursday night, we’d guessed she was envisioning new terrain, green meadows, French country terriers. But no, instead, everyone had to say their special goodbyes to her and off we trotted to the metro to leave her at a friends house in the 14th arrondissement, her bag packed with her bones, her toy football, the green hedgehog pillowcase off one of the beds so she’d have our scent.

Funny the role that a dog plays in your life. The night before our youngest daughter and I were joking about making an “Introduction to Skye” pamphlet for the sitter. We were saying, “Skye will tell you when she wants more water by rapping on her dish.” She’s so smart! “Skye has a habit of eating any and all discarded tissues lying on the streets in Paris.” She’s not so smart! “Don’t worry if she vomits. It’s probably the tissues.” Yes, it’s disgusting! “Try not to leave hair elastics lying around. She eats those too.” We roll our eyes. “Skye is suspicious of people who hug. She will growl or try to attach to your leg.” What can you say.

We didn’t make the mini-bio. But at the table munching on take out pizza that night, we were wondering about her. Did she sit by the door and whine when I left? No, I told them, because I happened to turn my head back and saw my friend holding her at the window waving a paw as I walked by. That made them laugh, the image of a waving dog. We decided we could write Skye some postcards when we got to the Alps. _______________________________________________________________________________________________

Dear Skye,

You wouldn’t believe how expensive the crepes are in Switzerland! We all made sure to order only one topping, but even then, it cost a barrel.

We were sitting by the lake in Lausanne, so Andrew was telling Zoe (you know how she likes economic theories!) that this was an example of the economics of supply and demand. The sensational view of the lake and the snow-covered mountains in the distance created high demand, but there were only so many chairs on terraces at creperies that had a view, so the supply was low.

Basically, this means, that our crepes were a good deal and we were lucky to get them! You would have liked the view too because there were a LOT of dogs walking along Lake Geneva.

Hope you are having fun back in Paris.

We’ll write again soon! _____________________________________________________________________