Greetings darlings.

Yesterday was the last day of Fashion Week in Paris, so I’m late in blogging because I was out modeling. Yessss. Life is hectic when you’re a writer AND a fashion model. (wink) Write a few sentences, walk the runway.  Back to the next paragraph. Then into the Chanel dress! I mean, the energy it takes for the dress changes alone is enough to make you crave four baguettes with butter. Exhausting, but someone must toil thru. Those 6 inch possum tail boots paired with the cinnamon lace one piece jumper and boxy black jacket in geometric designs don’t sell themselves. If those sweet ladies who sit in workshops and sew all this stuff don’t get paid, we’ll all be guilty. So, get out there and SHOP!

It’s a worthy mission, revealing all the artistic fashion creations to those devoted social media fans who like to imagine what they will be wearing next September. Countless people dream of throwing off the injustice of sweatpants for the lightness of walking around in rose chiffon trousers with hand-sewn metallic beading and platform sequined sneakers. Don’t you?! Your wardrobe makes an important statement about yourself because your wardrobe yells, “This is who I am.” So be the sequined sneaker or leather motorcycle boot you want to be! It takes spirit and spunk to corral your inner glamour, whatever direction it may go in. You can do it! Allow yourself to express your inner flash and jive. We’ve all got it going on and the world needs to see it.

A note of remembrance goes out to Andrew, as his dear mother at 94 years of age, died on Monday. Andrew chatted with her only hours before. She will be well remembered for her eager curiosity of those around her and her liveliness in the arts of the home. She had a great gift of the gab and a keen knowledge of human nature. And definitely, she had the gift of inner glamour. You could see it in her matching pastel pant suits which were immaculate and in the polish and shine of her kitchen floor!