When you’re walking around, these are the little places you might pass.

Hug hug, kiss, kiss! How’ve you beeeennn…  darling little pumpkins… sweet sugar pies… ! It’s been fo r e v e r…. like last spring when we were at that parade jazz thing in St. Germain, we ate mint ice cream and the lady in the dress made of all those ribbons walked by, remember… we were talking about how much we loved the 20 somethings, how they’re changing things around, making things with their hands, like that ribbon dress… surely…

So. Let’s tell you what we’ve been up to, then it’s your turn…ok?

Alright. I’ll be swift. Mostly, I’m gonna show some pix. We’ve been good.


Fox Hunter’s Paradise – on a clear day you can see Pilot Mountain from here.

June was a bunch of end of the year gatherings. Then July 4th we’re sitting on Main Street in Virginia watching the Fourth of July parade with some oldest and dearest friends and family. Everyone’s on a picnic blanket. We’d already had a cookout earlier on the river with some other folks. If I’d had any sense I would have taken photos, because I hadn’t seen some of those people in years. But I didn’t. I was enjoying the time and forgot.


Just driving around. Purtty, huh?

Anyway, summer was the green grass of home and the blue skies above. We roamed around the mountains, volunteered in a community theatre, spent time at the lake with Bunny and Mom, had lunch at Draper Mercantile, yum, got up early and stayed at Floyd Fest all day and heard Elephant Revival standing under a big maple tree with a big crowd, what a great band to see live. Biked the trail. Drove the dog around some beautiful back roads. Got tomatoes at Horton’s, went to berry day at the Independence farmer’s market, sat on the front porch out at Matthew’s farm and watched the chicken hawks fly over the fields.


Some cow.

And then it’s September. And we meet again. Here’s September in photos.


Skye is good at grabbing baguettes.


The bonbon stand across from the Odeon Movie Theatres. Andrew and I went to a movie last wknd.


Crowds before the movie.


Crossing thru the Place des Vosges, I had to catch the red ball.


We’re always walking through the Luxembourg gardens. We used to jog there, but now we go to the Bois.


I was going over the Pont Alexander to meet someone.The girl’s got her shell.


She’s got her fork.


Andrew and I went to see an exhibition at Van Cleefs and Arpels. While we were waiting in line, I photographed the refurbished Place Vendome.


Sunday morning walking up to get buns at Cafe Bechu, the best buns. We ran into a demonstration.


Luxembourg with purple autumn clouds.


Andrew’s coffee at the Finnish Institute.


A walk along the Seine with friends. I keep stopping to photograph. On the left you can see 2 nuns sitting on the bench, a red bag beside them.


Looking over to Isle Saint Louis.


N = Napoleon III.


All for now! See you next week!