We were walking up Carrer de Verdi in the Gracia area of Barcelona heading to Parc Guell, on Carmel hill, where Gaudi, the Catalan architect, had designed curvy architectural forms mirroring the curvy hills and gardens. It was a ways up, so we rambled along back streets, taking our time, looking around, observing the loads of oranges on the trees lining the back streets, stopping for cafe con leche in Placa del Sol, trying to grab chairs in the sun, but they were all taken. We stayed to eat lunch, tapas, a lot of us ordered the potatoes bravas because we’d seen the tables next to us spearing the crispy brown chunks of potato piled high, covered in a spicy creamy tomato sauce. We were all happy we’d ordered our own.

It was my birthday and I was eating crispy potatoes with my family in sunny Spain. Of course, I needed photos to celebrate us wandering amongst the artful graffitied shuttered streets…

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